Police & Public Safety

Facing intense scrutiny regarding officers’ use-of-force and privacy concerns related to technology deployment, public safety agencies turn to Best Best & Krieger LLP for guidance on evolving laws, help in establishing legally compliant policies and protocols and for zealous litigation defense.
Comprehensive Service
From advice on alleged constitutional violations involving detentions, arrests, searches and seizures to the use of cutting-edge technologies and new gun control legislation, BB&K’s Police & Public Safety attorneys provide policy and training guidance, conduct impartial third-party investigations, offer opinions in sensitive or politically charged situations, and aggressively defend public safety agencies and their personnel in federal and state courts.
We regularly advise on and defend our clients regarding the following:

  • Emerging police technology, including body-worn cameras, BolaWrap, drones and license plate readers
  • Gun confiscation hearings and Gun Violence Restraining Orders
  • Workplace Restraining Orders
  • California Public Records Act requests
  • Police and municipality liability claims
  • Pitchess motions
  • Provide advice to law enforcement agencies regarding property and firearms seizure, retention, return and destruction
  • Employment-related issues, officer discipline and labor contract negotiations
  • Internal affairs reviews
  • Regionalization and consolidation of public safety operations
  • Public integrity and ethics issues
  • Claimed civil rights violations, including excessive force, illegal search and seizure, vehicle pursuits, K-9 deployments and privacy violations, among others
  • Advise and represent in connection with grand jury civil “watchdog” investigations of agency operations

Our attorneys provide 24-7 administrative investigation/critical incident response assistance in officer-involved shootings and other critical incidents involving police officers. Additionally, we regularly advise on legal developments and work closely with our public safety agencies on risk management strategies and the use, storage, reproduction, duplication and deletion of evidence. BB&K attorneys are often called upon to provide expert witness perspective in connection with civil litigation against law enforcement agencies and prosecution offices.

BB&K’s Police & Public Safety and Comprehensive Code Enforcement  teams work closely and collaboratively to provide local government agencies and their law enforcement departments support on inspection warrants, abatements, receiverships and dangerous condition matters.

We also provide advice and guidance to a variety of local government agencies facing public safety and security issues and concerns. BB&K coordinates between the agencies and law enforcement to facilitate a cohesive approach to addressing anything from theft to fraud.

Unrivaled Experience
Representing public safety agencies for decades, BB&K attorneys have extensive experience advising and defending law enforcement agencies throughout California. Our team members come from government practice, have worked directly with mayors, city councils, city managers and their staff, and served as prosecutors with district attorney and the Attorney General offices. We possess an insider’s perspective and first-hand experience regarding the challenges our clients must address, and this enhances our ability to effectively represent their interests.

BB&K is helping public agencies navigate Public Records Act compliance with our new Advanced Records Center. Combining legal know-how with cutting-edge technology, ARC provides comprehensive and cost-effective support for all records-related matters, including PRA requests. To learn more, visit the ARC page or email ARC@bbklaw.com

Areas of Focus: Economic Development, Real Estate & Affordable Housing | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Municipal Law | Police & Public Safety | Special Districts
Areas of Focus: California Public Records Act | Environmental Law & Natural Resources | General & Special Counsel | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Municipal Law | Special Districts
Areas of Focus: Business Litigation | Eminent Domain | Land Use, Planning & Zoning | Public Agency Litigation
Areas of Focus: Comprehensive Code Enforcement | Municipal Law | Police & Public Safety
Areas of Focus: Comprehensive Code Enforcement | Municipal Law | Police & Public Safety
Areas of Focus: General & Special Counsel | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Municipal Law | Public Agency Litigation | Public Contracts & Construction
Areas of Focus: Comprehensive Code Enforcement | Municipal Law | Police & Public Safety
Areas of Focus: Business Litigation | Eminent Domain | Public Agency Litigation
Areas of Focus: California Public Records Act | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Municipal Law | Police & Public Safety
Areas of Focus: Comprehensive Code Enforcement | Municipal Law | Police & Public Safety
Free Webinar Feb 18, 2021

2021 Public Records Act Legislative Update

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Authored Articles & Publications Jan 20, 2021

Public Record Costs

Director of PRA Services and e-Discovery Counsel Christine Wood Discusses National Lawyers Guild v. City of Hayward in Sacramento Magazine

Legal Alerts Jan 07, 2021

California Public Records Act Update

New CPRA Case Law and Legislation for 2021

Legal Alerts Jan 05, 2021

New Public Agency Laws on Safety, Finance, Contracting and More

Part 1: New Laws Impacting California Public Agencies for 2021

Press Releases Jan 04, 2021

New Partner, Leaders and Diversity Committee

BB&K Announces Changes for 2021

Legal Alerts Dec 17, 2020

Law Enforcement May Not Destroy Seized Firearms Without Providing Notice to the Owner

Ninth Circuit Reverses Lower Court Ruling on Due Process Grounds

BB&K Webinar Oct 08, 2020

Demonstrations and the Changing Face of Public Speech in the United States: A View from the End of Apartheid in South Africa

BB&K Free Webinar

BB&K Webinar Sep 08, 2020

Clearing the Haze: Demystifying Cannabis Code Enforcement

BB&K Free Webinar

Authored Articles & Publications Aug 10, 2020

COVID-19 and Face Masks: Local Enforcement Tools

In PublicCEO, BB&K's Lauren Langer and Kathy Shin Discuss Ways California Cities Are Enforcing Face Covering Requirements

Authored Articles & Publications Jun 16, 2020

California Ahead of #8CANTWAIT Police Reforms

BB&K's Gary Schons Discusses Controversial Use-of-Force Campaign in PublicCEO

Authored Articles & Publications Jun 10, 2020

E-Discovery and Public Records Lessons from California Supreme Court

BB&K's Annie Loo Provides Analysis in Association of E-Discovery Certified Specialists Blog

Legal Alerts Jun 08, 2020

Law Enforcement Can’t Use an Administrative Search Warrant in Ongoing Criminal Investigation

Ninth Circuit Affirms Motion to Suppress Evidence Seized by Deputies Assisting Code Enforcement Officers

BB&K Webinar Jun 04, 2020

A Review of National Lawyers Guild v. City of Hayward's Impact on the California Public Records Act and Video Records

BB&K Free Webinar

Legal Alerts Jun 04, 2020

Jurisdiction Over CPRA Cases Not Limited to Courts in the County Where Records are Situated

A California Appellate Court Draws a Distinction between the Power of a Court to Rule —“Jurisdiction”— and the Proper Place for a CPRA Suit —“Venue”

BB&K Webinar Jun 03, 2020

Leveraging CDBG-CV and Other Federal Funding Grant Opportunities for COVID-19 Response

BB&K Free Webinar

Authored Articles & Publications Jun 03, 2020

Investigatory Privilege and California Public Records Act Requests

It's the Information, Not the Record, that Must be Considered, Say BB&K's Christine Wood and Isaac Rosen in PublicCEO

Legal Alerts May 29, 2020

California Supreme Court: Government Cannot Charge Fee to Redact Police Body Camera Footage

California Public Records Act Provision Permitting Public Agencies to Charge for “Extraction” Analyzed

Legal Alerts May 20, 2020

Update: California COVID-19 Readiness Criteria for County Variance on Reopening

More Counties to Potentially Qualify for a County Variance Under New Requirements

BB&K Webinar May 19, 2020

The Code Enforcement Toolbox: Keeping Cities Safe & Habitable

BB&K Free Webinar

BB&K Webinar Apr 22, 2020

Part Two: Leveraging FEMA and Other Federal Grant Funding Opportunities for COVID-19 Response

BB&K Free Webinar

BB&K Webinar Apr 07, 2020

Leveraging FEMA and Other Federal Grant Funding Opportunities for COVID-19 Response

BB&K Free Webinar

Legal Alerts Apr 07, 2020

New Court Rules During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Bail, Evictions, Remote Hearings and Depositions and Statutes of Limitation Rule Changes

Authored Articles & Publications Feb 12, 2020

PublicCEO: BB&K Municipal Law Team Discusses New Public Agency Laws - Part 1

Elections, Public Safety, Surplus Funds and More

Legal Alerts Feb 11, 2020

Another SB 1421 Decision Against Law Enforcement Agencies

Police Records Must Be Disclosed Even if Created or Officer Employed By Different Agency, California Appellate Court Says

Legal Alerts Jan 28, 2020

“Home Rule” Authority and Local Police Involvement in Immigration Enforcement

California Appellate Court Says Charter City Cannot Block California Values Act

Videos Jan 21, 2020

[WEBINAR] Exploring the CPRA’s Investigatory Privilege

BB&K Webinar

Legal Alerts Jan 16, 2020

California Public Records Act Case Law Update

Part 2: New CPRA Laws for 2020

Legal Alerts Jan 15, 2020

California Public Records Act New Legislation

Part 1: New CPRA Laws for 2020

Legal Alerts Jan 15, 2020

New Laws 2020 Roundup

New Public Agency, California Public Records Act, Education and Labor & Employment Laws

Legal Alerts Jan 07, 2020

New Election, Conflict of Interest, Firearm and Cannabis Laws

Part 1: California Laws Impacting Public Agencies for 2020

Authored Articles & Publications Nov 27, 2019

Record Disclosure Obligations for California Police

BB&K's Christine Wood Gives Updates on AB 748 and SB 1421 in PublicCEO

Videos Nov 20, 2019

[WEBINAR] Clearing the Smoke: 3 Years of Legal Cannabis in California

BB&K Webinar

Legal Alerts Oct 17, 2019

Red-Flag Law Expands

California’s Gun Violence Restraining Order Law Bolstered by Newly Signed Bills

Legal Alerts Oct 09, 2019

LAPD, ACLU Reach Settlement in Public Records Act Lawsuit

LAPD Agrees to Requirements Significantly Beyond the CPRA

Authored Articles & Publications Sep 10, 2019

CPRA: The Only Constant is Change

ARC’s Christine Wood Discusses Calif. Public Records Act Updates in Riverside Lawyer Magazine

Authored Articles & Publications Aug 14, 2019

Tire Chalking Case Treads on Cities’ Parking Enforcement Techniques

Isaac Rosen, Ryan Guiboa and Gary Schons Write About 6th Circuit Ruling in Law360

Legal Alerts Jul 31, 2019

City’s Ability to Keep Firearms Away From Dangerous Individuals Affirmed

Ninth Circuit Determines City Did Not Have to Return guns to Wife Because Husband Posed Threat

Legal Alerts Jun 26, 2019

Public Agencies Should Follow Appellate Decision on SB 1421 Despite New, Conflicting Ruling

Ventura County Decision Latest to Address Public Release of Police Records

Event May 08, 2019

2019 City Attorneys’ Spring Conference

League of California Cities

Legal Alerts Apr 30, 2019

“Chalking” Vehicles is a Search Under the Fourth Amendment, Sixth Circuit Finds

Court Did Not Address Whether Chalking Violates the Right Against Unreasonable Searches

Legal Alerts Apr 11, 2019

California Court of Appeal Publishes Opinion Requiring Release of Police Personnel Records Under SB 1421

Decision is Binding on All Trial Courts in the State

Authored Articles & Publications Mar 26, 2019

Gun Violence Restraining Orders

A Valuable, Rarely Used Tool Against Violence, Writes Denise Grimes in PublicCEO

Event Mar 14, 2019

CAALAC 2019 Biennial Retreat

City Attorneys Association of Los Angeles County

BB&K In the News Mar 13, 2019

Ban on Commercial Cannabis Licenses Lifted

San Bernardino Sun Reports on BB&K’s Successful Defense of City

Legal Alerts Feb 20, 2019

Drones: A Legal and Regulatory Update

Operations Over People and at Night Among Issues Addressed in Latest FAA Proposed Rules

Legal Alerts Feb 12, 2019

Public Agency Access to Data Does Not Make Data Disclosable Under PRA

California Appellate Court Ruling in Anderson-Barker v. Superior Court of Los Angeles County

Legal Alerts Feb 11, 2019

First Court Ruling on Merits of SB 1421

Police Unions’ Argument to Block Release of Pre-2019 Records Found “Legally Unmeritorious”

Authored Articles & Publications Feb 08, 2019

Open Secrets: Police Records and the PRA

BB&K’s Christine Wood and Alexander Brand Go In-Depth on SB 1421 in Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine

Legal Alerts Feb 04, 2019

California Public Records Act Update

Legislative and Court Updates Impacting PRA in 2018

Legal Alerts Jan 29, 2019

SB 1421 Challenged in Courts, But Most California Public Agencies Must Still Produce Peace Officer Records

Police Unions Obtain Temporary Restraining Orders to Stop Record Disclosures

Legal Alerts Jan 23, 2019

New California Cannabis Regulations Approved

OAL Approves Cannabis Delivery and Other Regulations

Legal Alerts Jan 16, 2019

California Attorney General’s Office Clarifies its Information Bulletin Regarding Public Access to Police Records

Information Bulletin Regarding SB 1421 Does Not Impose New Records Retention Requirements

Legal Alerts Jan 09, 2019

New Year, New Laws Impacting Public Agencies in California – Part I

2019 Brings Changes to Election, Revenue, Conflict of Interest, Property and Public Safety Laws… and More

Press Releases Dec 19, 2018

Cities’ Struggles to Meet Obligations Are Real — BB&K Municipal Law Team Grows to Help

New and Expanded Services and More Attorneys and Staff Added in 2018

BB&K In the News Oct 25, 2018

BB&K Attorney Gary Schons Conducting Review of Police Use of Communication App

TigerText, Used in Long Beach, Automatically Deletes Messages

Legal Alerts Oct 09, 2018

Certain Police Personnel Records No Longer Confidential

New California Law Increases Access to Records Under PRA

Legal Alerts Oct 08, 2018

AB 748: More Public Access to Body Camera Footage Under PRA

Amendment to California Law Gives Public Agencies More Responsibility to Provide Footage

Press Releases Oct 01, 2018

BB&K Attorney Todd Leishman Testifies Before Congress on Sober Living Home Regulations

Expresses Need for Local Regulation of Recovery Businesses

Legal Alerts Sep 07, 2018

Local Ordinances Cannot Permit Prosecution for Sleeping Outside on Public Property When No Shelter is Available

Ninth Circuit Holds Such Laws Violate the Eighth Amendment

Legal Alerts Sep 04, 2018

12 Orange County Cities Prevail in Federal Antitrust Lawsuits Over Ambulance Services

Ninth Circuit Affirms Lower Court’s Dismissals

May 15, 2018

[WEBINAR] Automated Vehicle Pilot Project Risks and Smart Infrastructure

BB&K Webinar

Legal Alerts Apr 16, 2018

District Attorneys Can Deputize City Attorneys to Prosecute Misdemeanors

Appeals Court Decision Good for California Cities and Counties

Legal Alerts Apr 04, 2018

The First Self-Driving Death

Mitigating Risks, Regulatory Update and a Tale of Two States

Authored Articles & Publications Mar 30, 2018

Disaster-Response Decision-Making: Is Your Agency Prepared?

BB&K Attorneys Mary Beth Coburn and Rebecca Chaparro Write About Disaster Preparedness in PublicCEO

Authored Articles & Publications Mar 01, 2018

New Laws Part II: 2018 Ushers in Changes to Land-Use, Development Laws


Authored Articles & Publications Feb 22, 2018

Dockless Disruption: Maximizing Opportunities Through Smart Regulations

BB&K's Gregory Rodriguez and Steven DeBaun Discuss Bikeshare Issues in PublicCEO

Legal Alerts Jan 11, 2018

2018 California Public Agency Laws – Part III

Cannabis, LAFCO Law and a Round Up of Other New Laws Impacting Public Agencies

Legal Alerts Jan 10, 2018

2018 California Public Agency Laws – Part II

Housing and Land Use, Environment, Public Property/Public Works and Economic Development

Legal Alerts Jan 09, 2018

2018 California Public Agency Laws – Part I

Elections, Public Records Act, Revenue and Conflicts of Interest

Legal Alerts Oct 31, 2017

Drones: A Legal and Regulatory Update

Recent White House and Federal Court Action Impacting Future UAS Regulations

Legal Alerts Sep 27, 2017

CEQA Compliance for Commercial Cannabis Business Licensing under MAUCRSA

Proposal Open to Comments

Authored Articles & Publications Sep 20, 2017

The Little Hoover Commission Issues Report on Special Districts

By Whitney Blackhurst

Legal Alerts Sep 20, 2017

The Smoke Clears? AB 133 Passes

Bill Makes Numerous Changes to California Cannabis Laws — Effective Immediately

Authored Articles & Publications Sep 19, 2017

Automated Vehicle Regulatory Challenges: Avoiding Legal Potholes Through Collaboration

Gregory Rodriguez's Article to Supplement his LCC Conference Presentation

Legal Alerts Sep 11, 2017

Ban on Officers Discussing K9 Program Violated First Amendment

Ninth Circuit Decision on Nevada State Highway Patrol Prior Restraint Case

Legal Alerts Aug 31, 2017

Automated License Plate Scans Data May Be Disclosed

California Supreme Court Finds Public Record Exemptions Do Not Apply

Legal Alerts Aug 18, 2017

Fire Protection Districts' Authority to Enforce State Fire Marshal Standards and Regulations Reiterated in California AG Opinion

Local Agencies’ Broad Authority Emphasized

Press Releases Aug 11, 2017

Telecommunications Law Attorney John Gasparini Joins BB&K

Will Serve Clients from our Washington, D.C. Office

Videos Jul 24, 2017

Promoting Public and Private Sector Collaboration in a Driverless World [VIDEO]

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and the Law

BB&K In the News Jul 24, 2017

Why Some California Counties Are Saying No to Commercial Cannabis

Cities Have Options Under the Law, Partner Jeffrey Dunn Told The Recorder

Legal Alerts Jun 29, 2017

30-Day Vehicle Impoundment is a Seizure Requiring Fourth Amendment Compliance

Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Class Action Against LAPD

Legal Alerts Jun 27, 2017

New California Law Simplifies and Harmonizes Medical and Recreational Cannabis Regulations

Bill Collapses Two into One Regulatory Scheme

Legal Alerts Jun 21, 2017

CEQA Review of Cannabis Regulations

Comment Period Opens on Draft Program Environmental Impact Report of MCRSA and AUMA

Legal Alerts Jun 14, 2017

New Filing Deadline for JPAs Approaches

JPAs Providing Municipal Services Must File with LAFCOs by July 1

Videos Jun 13, 2017

Howard Golds Video Bio


Authored Articles & Publications May 31, 2017

What Tools Do Cities Need to Regulate Short-term Rentals?

By Joshua Nelson and Todd Leishman

Apr 27, 2017

[WEBINAR] Short-Term Rentals: Burdens and Opportunities

BB&K Webinar on Short-Term Vacation Rentals Like Airbnb, VRBO, and Flipkey

Client Successes Apr 19, 2017

City and Police Officer Victorious in Malicious Prosecution and Seizure Case

BB&K Attorneys Christopher Pisano and Dana Vessey Prevail on Motion for Summary Judgment

Client Successes Apr 06, 2017

12 Orange County Cities Beat Monopoly Claims Over Ambulance Services*

Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit After Argument by BB&K Partner Kendall MacVey

BB&K In the News Mar 30, 2017

Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuits Against 12 Orange County Cities Over Alleged Ambulance Monopolies

BB&K Represented Several Cities

Authored Articles & Publications Mar 28, 2017

Solving the Problem of the Unchecked Rise of Short-Term Rentals

By Mark A. Easter, Joshua Nelson and Todd R. Leishman

Feb 02, 2017

[WEBINAR] From Code Compliance to Fighting Fire Traps: Injunctions, Receiverships and Other Remedies

Third in a Three-Part BB&K Webinar Series

Jan 26, 2017

[WEBINAR] From Code Compliance to Fighting Fire Traps: Criminal Prosecution

Second in a Three-Part BB&K Webinar Series

BB&K Event Jan 19, 2017

From Code Compliance to Fighting Fire-Traps: How to Deal with Dangerous Dwellings in Your City

Free Three-Part Webinar Series: Jan. 19., Jan. 26 and Feb. 2

Jan 19, 2017

[WEBINAR] From Code Compliance to Fighting Fire Traps: Administrative Remedies

First in a Three-Part BB&K Webinar Series

Jan 12, 2017

[WEBINAR] Prop. 64: Taxing Marijuana Businesses

Third Webinar Jan. 12: Taxing Marijuana Businesses - Local Gov’t Authority, Limits and Possible Implications

Legal Alerts Dec 22, 2016

Looking Forward: New California Laws for Public Agencies

Laws Passed in 2016 That Will Impact Public Agency Work

Dec 01, 2016

[WEBINAR] Prop 64: The Basics

Cultivating New Regulations and Confronting New Challenges Presented By Marijuana Legalization

Videos Nov 22, 2016

Jeff Ballinger Video Bio


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