Charters & Internal Organizations

Most cities are comprised of numerous agencies, commissions, boards and authorities. Managing their many functions and coordinating efforts can be challenging, especially as cities face budget cuts and growing demands for services. 
Best Best & Krieger LLP understands the complex inner workings of cities and their departments, as well as the special powers the law gives to charter cities. We fully grasp the need for complex groups of internal agencies and departments to work together toward a common goal: Good local government. We have the experience to help our city clients meet these goals despite budget challenges.
BB&K attorneys frequently provide legal advice to our clients’ planning commissions, personnel boards, housing authorities, utility boards and other departments. Many of our attorneys serve as dedicated legal counsel to these internal boards and commissions. We pride ourselves in getting to know not only the council and city manager, but also the city’s department heads and other internal decision makers. Working closely with our clients at all levels, we advise on organization issues and regularly provide training to city council and city internal board and commission members on matters such as the Brown Act, the California Environmental Quality Act, planning and zoning law, and government ethics. This ensures that our clients' policy decisions are protected from legal challenges.
BB&K’s Municipal Law practice attorneys are intimately familiar with the special powers that charter cities possess to regulate their own “municipal affairs.” Our expansive experience gives us a keen sense of what charter cities can and cannot do under applicable law — when federal or state law may preempt local control and when a charter city is free to tailor its own solutions to its unique circumstances. We have assisted a number of general law cities in becoming charter cities, helping them amend an existing charter, and guiding them through the often-required election process.

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Areas of Focus: Municipal Law | Public Contracts & Construction | Special Districts | Transportation | Water

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