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Marnie’s work as a paralegal focuses on municipal law and complex public agency litigation.

The cases she assists on involve, among other things, propositions 26 and 218, land use, eminent domain, CEQA, labor and employment, and telecommunications.

Marnie also focuses on real estate and development matters and title insurance litigation.

Marnie Prock is a paralegal in the Municipal Law practice group of Best Best & Krieger LLP. She has more than 26 years of legal experience working on cases that involve public agencies, private companies and individuals. She works on complex projects for BB&K’s California and Washington, D.C. offices.

Marnie’s work as a paralegal focuses on municipal law and public agency litigation at all levels of the federal and state courts, on cases involving propositions 26 and 218, title insurance, land use, eminent domain, the California Environmental Quality Act, labor and employment, and telecommunications. She assists attorneys with the procedural aspects of litigation, including discovery proceedings, expert witness management and all aspects of trial preparation, such as trial exhibits, demonstrative exhibits, witness lists, subpoenas, notices to appear, jury instructions and voir dire. She also analyzes data and prepares administrative records in complex Proposition 26 and 218 cases, environmental proceedings, validation actions, appellate proceedings and administrative actions.

With the uptick in the economy, Marnie’s focus has shifted to real estate and development matters and title insurance litigation. In this capacity, she assists with title searches, analyzing title exceptions and defects, drafting acquisition agreements, leases, conservation easements, and property exchange agreements. In addition, she has a vast knowledge of land use, zoning and entitlement processes across California. She also applies for and manages several clients’ property tax exemption filings.

Marnie’s experience includes complex eminent domain actions involving acquisitions for a myriad of large public projects, such as airports, levee improvements, freeways/highways/roadways, billboards, parkland, sewer and water easements, bridges and other public improvements. She is able to coordinate and organize multiple owner, tenant and parcel projects, including actions filed across multiple counties.

She also assists attorneys in the Telecommunications and Government Relations practice groups in day-to-day monitoring of state and federal agency actions and filings, preparation of grant materials for distribution to municipal clients and research and assists in all facets of litigation, including numerous federal appellate cases. She analyzes client data and maintains the firm’s lobbying reporting requirements.

Prior to joining BB&K, Marnie was a paralegal with the Sacramento firm of McDonough Holland & Allen PC. In addition to her paralegal role, she served as the proposal manager, analyzed client costs and profitability and performed public agency contract administration. She also prepared, updated and edited yearly publications such as “Redevelopment in California” and a chapter in “Exactions and Impact Fees in California.” She updated and edited in-house publications for clients of the Community Redevelopment Law, the Brown Act, and the Public Records Act. She is a California Notary Public and currently serves as the Secretary of the local chapter (Chapter 27) of the International Right of Way Association.

*Paralegals are not licensed attorneys. Under California law, paralegals are not authorized to provide legal advice.

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