Press Releases Oct 15, 2019

BB&K Welcomes Pension Consultant Charles Miller

Former CalPERS Compensation Compliance and Audit Review Manager

For Immediate Release: Oct. 15, 2019
Media Contact: Denise Nix • (213) 787-2552 •

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – We are pleased to announce that Charles Miller has joined Best Best & Krieger LLP’s Employee Benefits practice group as a pension benefits consultant. Most recently, Charles worked with CalPERS as a compensation compliance and audit review manager. Charles has extensive experience resolving complex compliance matters for public agencies contracting with CalPERS for pension benefits, and will use this experience to assist clients in navigating a variety of compliance scenarios.
Charles specializes in compensation, payroll and audit resolution for both classic and new members participating in CalPERS. Prior to his management role, he worked as an audits resolution subject-matter expert, testifying as an expert witness and developing new methodologies to ensure compliance without adversely impacting employers, employees or retirees. He earned his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from California State University, Sacramento.
Charles will assist public agencies in developing compensation proposals that comply with CalPERS’ requirements. He has experience reviewing labor policies and agreements, payroll reporting practices, and publicly available pay schedules, as well as experience with audit defense and resolution. Working from the firm’s Sacramento office, he will help guide public agencies, including cities, counties, schools and special districts, through CalPERS’ expansive web of rules. He has experience in fully revitalizing human resources and payroll compliance practices in unique situations where no precedent exists, such as Fair Labor Standards Act pay for mixed-duty public safety officers, and many situations dealing with California Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act members. He was also heavily involved in the recent CalPERS precedential decision concerning compensation compliance with regard to reciprocal retirement systems.
With most public agencies participating in CalPERS facing increasing pension obligations, let alone the possibility of strict liability for retirement benefit adjustments under Senate Bill 266, minimizing any instances of disallowed compensation – particularly in the context of an MOU – will be of utmost importance. As such, Charles’ familiarity with the rules and policy behind PERSable compensation – pay rate, special compensation and pensionable compensation – is a valuable tool for our clients.
Please join us in welcoming Charles to BB&K!


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