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Alexa, What are My Cholesterol Levels?

BB&K Partner Leeann Habte Discusses Voice Assistants and HIPAA with HealthTech

Alexa, What are My Cholesterol Levels?

Going high-tech poses challenges for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliance. Best Best & Krieger LLP Partner Leeann Habte discussed with HealthTech the difficulties of staying HIPAA compliant and using voice assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa, to meet patients’ demands for easy access to information.
“It’s certainly an evolving wave in health care, and there are a lot of entities developing a variety of uses for voice assistants,” Leeann said in an article published June 25. “Some of the current apps are scheduling appointments and doing other things that are lower risk, but if we think about potential uses, will the technology be adequate in terms of voice recognition to fully ensure the integrity of information provided?”
Read the entire article in HealthTech.

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