BB&K In the News Nov 6, 2018

Safety Standards for E-Scooters

The Northern California Record Interviewed BB&K Attorney Gregory Rodriguez on Legal Fallout from Scooters on City Streets


As e-scooters become more prevalent on city streets, more questions arise regarding safety and liability. Best Best & Krieger LLP Of Counsel Gregory Rodriguez discussed these issues with the Northern California Record in an article published Nov. 5, “Attorney: ‘There Are No Minimum Safety Standards for Scooters Right Now.’”
"Since it's such a new technology, there are no minimum safety standards for scooters right now. With cars, there are the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, which essentially govern the safety that should be in vehicles and are administered by the United States Department of Transportation through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Right now, we don't know what our minimum safety requirements are for a scooter," Greg said.
Read the entire article in the Northern California Record by clicking here.

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