BB&K In the News Oct 24, 2018

Being Smart About Smart Cities

BB&K Attorney Gregory Rodriguez Discusses Toronto’s Neighborhood of the Future with CityLab


In a report on a Toronto mixed-use development plan that incorporates what is being billed as a data-driven “neighborhood of the future,” CityLab interviewed Best Best & Krieger LLP attorney Gregory Rodriguez about one of the project’s most core — and controversial — issues: data.
Exploring the questions of privacy and security around data that the planned development will generate, and the potential intellectual property developed from such data, Greg discussed the agreement between the developers and the new contract considerations that come with “smart city” projects.
“What did Waterfront Toronto potentially give away?” he asked. “That will be the looming question. Were they able to essentially give Sidewalk Labs the right to go and do something and commercialize something that was made from citizen data?”
Read the full article, “How Smart Should a City Be? Toronto is Finding Out,” posted Sept. 7 by CityLab.

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