BB&K In the News Aug 22, 2017

Midsize Firms Run the Gamut on Diversity – Law360

Managing Partner Eric Garner Discusses BB&K’s Successful Diversity Strategy

In conjunction with being named the No. 2 Top Law Firm for Minority Equity Partners and No. 6 for Female Attorneys, both among similarly sized mid-size law firms, by Law360, Best Best & Krieger LLP Managing Partner Eric Garner was interviewed by the publication about the firm’s successful diversity strategy.
Among firms with 150 to 299 attorneys, BB&K is a standout with 20 percent of its equity partners belonging to a minority group, according to Law360. In “Why Midsize Firms Run the Gamut on Diversity,” published today, Law360 says that BB&K “has a lot of factors working in its favor for diversity: It pays six-figure salaries to associates, and it has a diverse recruitment committee that reaches out to community groups and law schools….
“The firm began to consciously work toward increasing its diversity in the 1990s in an attempt to match the demographics of its public-agency clients, Garner said. The firm now has over 20 percent minority attorneys, and 11 of its 55 equity partners are minorities, according to Diversity Snapshot data.
“Garner said the firm’s greatest draw is its culture — and that the firm and its leadership are committed to demonstrating respect to everyone on staff.
“‘Obviously, we have to have a functional office space and collegial workplace,’ he said. ‘Beyond that, we let people be themselves.’
“He said it isn’t something you can easily turn into an action-item list. For instance, firm leaders can say they care about their employees, but nobody would believe it’s more than lip service unless leaders stop to chat at employees’ desks and really get to know them.
“It’s the same idea with valuing diversity. There’s no formula to building genuine interpersonal relationships, he said. The actions must flow naturally from a sincerely embraced philosophy….”

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