BB&K In the News Aug 22, 2017

6th Circuit Vacates and Remands FCC Rules

Law360 Interviews Partner Joseph Van Eaton who Rep’d Local Communities

Best Best & Krieger LLP Partner Joseph Van Eaton was quoted in Law360 on his recent U.S. Sixth Court of Appeals victory on behalf of a coalition of local communities from across the U.S. The court reversed an FCC order that local governments, schools and the public have opposed for almost a decade regarding cable services regulations.

“We were very pleased with the court’s decision, which restores a status quo that had long served the interests of local communities and their citizens,” Joe told Law360 via email, which published his remarks on July 13 (subscription required).

“The FCC order that was challenged was a good example of an unjustified and unnecessary federal regulation that history has shown did nothing to advance competition, lower prices, or lead to broader deployment of advanced communications systems,” he said. “In many communities, it had negative impacts, as some cable operators cut off or began charging high fees for delivery of service to anchor institutions, or began reducing long-standing support for local PEG programming. While the case was remanded to the agency, we hope that the FCC will recognize that there is really no reason to attempt to resurrect these rules.”

Learn more about the case in “Sixth Circuit Overturns FCC Cable Order”

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