BB&K In the News Apr 26, 2017

Who’s Calling the Shots on Autonomous Vehicles?

BB&K Attorney Gregory Rodriguez Discusses Municipalities’ Relationships with Driverless Cars with CityLab


In “Who’s Calling the Shots on Autonomous Vehicles?” posted by CityLab on April 25, Best Best & Krieger LLP attorney Gregory Rodriguez discussed the role local governments should play as driverless cars continue their steady journey to our roads. Specifically, he warns that municipalities should understand there needs to be give and take in building relationships and partnerships with private companies developing these cars and the technology needed to make them operational.
“Cities don’t want to miss out on the innovation bandwagon and are actively courting technology across the country, which is great and exciting,” he says. “But if cities aren’t learning anything from these partnerships, local officials and citizens are going to push back and say: Why do tech companies get everything and we get nothing?”
Read the entire article in CityLab by clicking here.

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