BB&K In the News Mar 30, 2017

Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuits Against 12 Orange County Cities Over Alleged Ambulance Monopolies

BB&K Represented Several Cities


The Orange County Register reported on a federal judge’s dismissal of an ambulance company’s lawsuits that accused a dozen Orange County cities of running illegal monopolies over emergency services. U.S. District Court Judge Josephine L. Staton sided with the cities by noting that the state Legislature has favored local oversight of ambulance services.
“Municipal oversight over emergency-medical response and ambulance services is an essential city function,” Best Best & Krieger LLP Partner Kendall MacVey, who was designated to argue on behalf of the cities during a recent hearing, said in a statement. “A long-standing, critical role of local government was upheld with this decision.”
To read the entire article in the March 30, 2017 Orange County Register, click here.
To read additional coverage in Law360, posted April 3, 2017, click here.

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