BB&K In the News Mar 2, 2017

Driverless Car Technology Speeds Along

Sustainable City Network Discusses Autonomous Vehicles with BB&K Attorney Gregory Rodriguez


“This is an exciting opportunity to better our lives if we do it right,” Best Best & Krieger LLP attorney Gregory Rodriguez told Sustainable City Network for an article about autonomous vehicles. Greg was interviewed about a wide range of issues related to the current and future implementation of driverless cars, including public safety and planning.
“We strongly recommend that cities start planning now as far as what is going to be needed to handle driverless cars,” Greg said. “Everyone is excited, but AVs have to be safe. And while I see the bigger impact three or five years away, things are happening now.”
Greg’s practice includes providing information, strategic guidance and legal assistance on the regulation and implementation of smart transportation technologies into the transportation network of local governments, including ridesharing and autonomous vehicles.
To read the full article, posted March 1, 2017 to Sustainable City Network, click here.

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