BB&K In the News Oct 26, 2016

In Yorba Linda, the Race for Water District Board is Getting Ugly

KPCC Interviews BB&K Partner Kelly Salt on Water Agency Issues

With drought being the catalyst for a Yorba Linda Water District’s Board of Directors heated election and recall election, Best Best & Krieger LLP Partner Kelly Salt discussed how conservation measures can cause anger and confusion — leading to such clashes.  

"You know, people don't really understand how they get their water," Kelly told KPCC. "They turn on the tap and it magically appears."

Kelly said that lots of water districts in California are watching Yorba Linda closely – the results from the recall election could affect how other boards set their rates in the future. 

"I think for a lot of agencies, it's been a very difficult time," said Salt. "They have so many of their costs, which are fixed. At the same time, they're encouraging their customers to conserve or use water efficiently."

Click here to listen to the whole story, originally published on Oct. 26, 2016, on KPCC.

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