BB&K In the News Jul 29, 2015

California Indian Tribe Pursues Rights to Groundwater

BB&K Attorney Roderick Walston Represents a Water Supplier in a Case That Has Potentially Vast Impacts on Groundwater Rights. He Is Interviewed by Circle of Blue

Circle of Blue explores in-depth a federal lawsuit by the Agua Caliente Indian tribe against two water suppliers, including Desert Water Agency, which is represented by Best Best & Krieger LLP attorney Roderick Walston. The results of this case, along with California’s efforts to balance groundwater demand with available supplies, is likely to have wide-ranging implications on water rights laws — especially in light of the great possibility that the case will make its way to the U.S. Supreme Court, Rod told Circle of Blue.

See the full article in Circle of Blue, which was posted July 28, 2015, by clicking here.

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