BB&K In the News Jun 24, 2015

Inconsistencies Between Practices, Brown Act Guidelines Highlighted During LBCCD Training

BB&K Partner Ruben Duran Gives Long Beach Community College District Board of Trustees Refresher Course on Open Meeting Laws, as Reported by the Long Beach Post

By Jason Ruiz

The Long Beach Community College District (LBCCD) Board of Trustees took some extra time before last night’s regular meeting for a refresher course on the Ralph M. Brown Act, a law that upholds the public’s right to participate in meetings of local legislative bodies. The training session revealed further inconsistencies between the board's practices and established Brown Act guidelines.

The two hour long presentation, which appeared to be about as enjoyable as traffic school for some members of the board, was given by Ruben Duran, a partner with the law firm Best Best & Krieger. It spanned multiple topics, including what kind of information needs to be shared with the public, what can be discussed in closed session and general “best practices” for preventing a possible violation of the act.

To read the full article in the Long Beach Post, which was posted on June 24, 2015, click here.

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