BB&K In the News Apr 22, 2015

Drought Puts State’s Byzantine Water Rights System into Stark Relief

BB&K Managing Partner Eric Garner Discusses With the Daily Journal California Water Rights in the Wake of New Drought-Related Regulations

“The environment does have an important role in the existing distribution of water, including controls on water pumping the government has put in place to protect endangered species, countered Eric L. Garner, a partner with Best Best & Krieger LLP who represents municipal water districts among others.

"’I think the water rights system has been up to every challenge it's faced in the last 150 years and I think only time will tell if this turns out to be different,’ Garner said. ‘So water law isn't the way we'd draw it up in 2015 - but what situation in life do we not have that?’"

To read the full article in the April 22, 2015 Daily Journal, click here (subscription required).

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