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New Filing Deadline for JPAs Approaches

JPAs Providing Municipal Services Must File with LAFCOs by July 1

New Filing Deadline for JPAs Approaches

The Senate Bill 1266-imposed deadline for joint powers agencies and joint powers authorities to file their joint powers agreements and any amendments with the LAFCO in each applicable county is approaching. JPAs formed prior to Jan. 1, 2017 for the purpose of providing municipal services, and that include a local agency member, must file a copy of their agreement and any amendments with the LAFCO in each applicable county by July 1.
SB 1266, signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown last year, also requires JPAs formed after Jan.1, 2017 to file copies of joint powers agreements and amendments with the applicable LAFCO(s) whenever filings with the Secretary of State and State Controller are required.
Failure to make a timely filing may preclude non-compliant JPAs from issuing bonds or incurring any indebtedness until the filing is made.
For more information and background on the requirements of SB 1266, see our previous Legal Alert “SB 1266’s New Filing Requirements Apply Only to JPAs Providing Municipal Services.”
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