Authored Articles & Publications Nov 11, 2016

Op-Ed: Automated Vehicles and Minding the Looming Infrastructure Gap

BB&K Attorney Gregory Rodriguez Opines About How to Move Forward

By Gregory Rodriguez

Best Best & Krieger LLP attorney Gregory Rodriguez authored “Automated Vehicles and Minding the Looming Infrastructure Funding Gap,” published this week in Transportation Weekly, a publication by the Eno Center for Transportation. The opinion piece discusses how, as the country moves forward after the election, infrastructure is expected to be a major area of focus by the new administration. With the perfect innovation storm hitting our transportation system, any transportation funding discussions should also include how we pay for any supporting infrastructure determined necessary for driverless and connected vehicles to operate safely on our local roads, he wrote.

Click here to read the article, originally posted Nov. 7, 2016 on Transportation Weekly.

Read more about autonomous vehicles on our blog for public agencies,, which includes information regarding the comment period ending Nov. 22 on the Department of Transportation’s Federal Automated Vehicles Policy.

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