Authored Articles & Publications Apr 19, 2016

[PRESENTATION] Telecommunications 2016: The Challenges Facing Local Government

By Joseph Van Eaton and Gerard Lavery Lederer

At the International Municipal Lawyers Association’s annual Spring Meeting in Washington, D.C., we presented “Telecommunications 2016: The Challenges Facing Local Government and its Counsel.” The presentation (below) summarized key areas of activity in telecommunications affecting local governments, including recent and pending Congressional legislation, new FCC rulemakings, court actions, and local responses to recent federal and state statutes and rules, focusing on FCC rules governing placement of wireless towers and facilities. These updates come at a time when communications matters facing local governments in their various roles (e.g., landlord, consumer advocate, and consumer) are numerous and, in fact, more than usual.

Click here to view the presentation.

Note: This article originally appeared on the now-defunct BBKnowledge blog, where Best Best & Krieger authors shared their knowledge on emerging issues in public agency law.

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