Authored Articles & Publications Mar 28, 2015

Where to Store Water? Above Ground or Below Ground?

BB&K Attorney and California Water Commission Chair Joseph Byrne Joins the Conversation on Water in the Sacramento Bee

By Joe Byrne

Last year, with support from more than two-thirds of the voters, Californians passed Proposition 1, the state water bond. This far-reaching measure allocated $2.7 billion for water storage projects to improve California’s water system and its natural environment to better prepare us for future devastating droughts, like the one we are experiencing now.

The California Water Commission has been entrusted with this investment to help meet the state’s water needs in the future and takes this charge from voters with utmost seriousness. We have already launched a public engagement process to help the commission as it develops the grant program, called the Water Storage Investment Program.

To read the full article in the Sacramento Bee, which ran March 28, 2015, click here.

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