Authored Articles & Publications Mar 20, 2015

California’s Emergency Drought Measures

By Wendy Y. Wang

Just two days after California’s State Water Resources Control Board approved a resolution renewing and updating statewide emergency conservation regulations, Gov. Jerry Brown and legislators from both parties announced a $1 billion plan to further address the persistent and historic drought.“

This unprecedented drought continues with no signs yet of letting up,” said Brown. “The programs funded by the actions announced today will provide direct relief to workers and communities most impacted by these historic dry conditions.”

Much of the legislation is aimed at speeding up the release of funds previously earmarked for both emergency drinking water and infrastructure initiatives. It also includes $262.2 million from the $7.5 billion water bond passed by voters last year for water recycling and desalination projects. The bulk of the money, however, would go to flood-control projects funded with a bond measure passed 10 years ago, but set to expire next year.

Responding to reporters’ questions at a news conference Wednesday, Brown hinted that more mandatory water conversation regulations would be coming.

Note: This article originally appeared on the now-defunct BBKnowledge blog, where Best Best & Krieger authors shared their knowledge on emerging issues in public agency law.

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