BB&K Event Dec 14, 2016

Free BB&K Webinar Series: Prop. 64 - Marijuana, Employer Policies and Employee Rights

Second in Series on Prop. 64

On Nov. 8, California voters approved Proposition 64, legalizing recreational use of marijuana. Prop. 64 promises to usher in a new era, with the growth of the recreational marijuana industry and changing attitudes toward marijuana use. With those come new challenges and opportunities for local governments and regulators, and the entrepreneurs and landowners who will be vital to the growth of the new industry. For the past several years, Best Best & Krieger LLP has worked on the cutting edge of marijuana issues, drafting dozens of regulations and advising public agency clients in their efforts to create marijuana policies. Now, BB&K is providing a webinar series to map out this brave new world.

Second Webinar - Dec. 14
"Marijuana, Employer Policies and Employee Rights"
As many states, including California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts, have passed laws for the legal use of marijuana, employers are left questioning their drug use policies. Explore this important issue in light of federal and state laws, and existing employer policies. We'll discuss whether an employer can discipline an employee for off-hours and off-site use or influence, if it makes a difference if use is for medical or recreational reasons, and if employers can still lawfully implement zero-tolerance drug use policies. You'll also learn how employers might accommodate medical marijuana use. Find out what should and should not be included in your policy to ensure that any actions you are taking based on that policy will not subject your business or agency to lawsuits or legal challenges.

Who Should Attend

  • Human resources professionals
  • Public agencies and private businesses
  • Managers who handle personnel issues
  • General and in-house counsel
  • Officials, management and staff at all levels who may have an interest in marijuana-related policies
  • Entrepreneurs hoping to enter the marijuana industry

Wednesday, Dec. 14
10:30 - 11:30 a.m. PST

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Marijuana in the Workplace: What Can An Employer Do?
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