BB&K Event Oct 06, 2015

What Every Business Should Know About California Public Integrity Law in Dealing with Government Entities

10- 11 a.m. PT | Webinar

This webinar will cover two basic aspects of California public integrity laws that most often impact businesses that deal with government entities: Government Code §1090 and California’s Political Reform Act.

Government Code §1090 is California’s powerful and far reaching anti-conflict of interest statute which voids and makes criminal creating a contract in which a government officer or employee has a financial interest.

Meals, entertainment and other gifts often promote good will and networking opportunities in the private sector, but can be a violation of California’s Political Reform Act in the public sector. While lawful under many circumstances, there are gift limits, gift reporting requirements and conditions under which receiving a gift will give rise to a conflict of interest for a government official. Businesses need to know and be sensitive to these requirements and limitations.

Panelists will discuss:

Government Code §1090: When Government Officials Have a Conflict of Interest in Making a Contract, Business Pays the Price

  • What is §1090?
  • What is a “conflict” under the law?
  • How do businesses create “conflicts?”
  • What are the potential consequences of a §1090 violation on a business?

Political Reform Act — Gifts: Limitations, Restrictions and Other No-Nos

  • Disclosure, Disqualification and Limitation
  • Who is affected by gift laws?
  • When are gifts received and how are gifts valued?
  • Use of agency reporting rules – best practices
  • Exceptions: New rules for:
    • Business and personal relationships
    • Payments made for conducting agency business
    • Travel payments


  • Gary Schons, Of Counsel, Public Policy & Ethics Group
  • Dianna Valdez, Paralegal, Public Policy & Ethics Group

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