Event Feb 19, 2015

Western Water Law

CLE International

Roderick E. Walston, who is of counsel at Best Best & Krieger, is co-chair of, and was a featured panelist at, CLE International’s Western Water Law. During this two-day event, experts from around the West and the nation, who are actively shaping the direction of water supply and quality issues, shared their experience and insights into the myriad of complex and legal issues surrounding water in the West.

These topics were addressed:

  • Perspectives on Federal Water Policy
  • Ethics and Water Law
  • Western Water Law Recap
  • Federal Reserved Water Rights: Overview and Current Status
  • Does the Reserved Rights Doctrine Apply to Groundwater?
  • The Dispute Over the Rio Grande: Texas v. New Mexico
  • California Adopts Groundbreaking Groundwater Legislation
  • Regulation of Groundwater and Surface Water in Arizona
  • How Are Western States Managing Water Supplies
  • Federal Permitting and River Management
  • Climate Change
  • Water and Energy Development in Wyoming
  • Endangered Species Act Issues: Delta Litigation in California
  • Developments on the Clean Water Act

Rod spoke on a panel titled “Federal Reserved Water Rights” on Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015 at 1:45 p.m.

The Westin San Diego

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