Event May 05, 2015

Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

San Diego County Bar Association

Best Best & Krieger LLP attorney Sarah Foley will be speaking on the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act during this one-hour CLE Brown Bag program by the San Diego Bar Association Environmental and Land Use law sections. The historic groundwater management act was passed after Gov. Jerry Brown’s declaration and proclamation of a drought emergency in January 2014. In times of drought many local agencies, business and individuals turn to groundwater to make up the difference based on a reduction in surface water supply.  For those who rely on groundwater, many have reached the bottom of their wells and there is nothing left to pump.  Because of a concern for overuse of groundwater and no real accountability, this has brought the sweeping legislative reform.

The speakers will discuss the key components of the Act, the issues unresolved and additional measures the State Water Resource Control Board is taking to conserve surface water, promote recycled water and mandate public conservation efforts.  We are still in a dire state of drought today and this reality highlights the fact that water demand will continue to increase, while supplies will continue to face both hydrologic and regulatory constraints.  This growing tension will bring challenges, opportunities and a host of consequences. Fasten your seatbelts as California water law speeds into the 21st century.

Tuesday, May 5

San Diego County Bar Association Conference Center

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