Event Mar 09, 2015

California Land Use Law & Policy

Argent Communications Group

BB&K Partner Michelle Ouellette co-chairs and BB&K co-sponsors this two-day conference, which also features several BB&K speakers. The economy has improved much throughout 2014 and is expected to continue to improve into 2015. Private development and municipal redevelopment is back. Private counsel, federal, state and municipal counsel, and land use consultants need to be ready to address the pent-up demand.

Will you be ready? What are the new hurdles to private, federal, state and community development projects? Certainly climate change requirements, CEQA and related environmental requirements are in flux. And what about the newest high hurdle to clear—water supply? Even with recent heavy precipitation, the drought is far from over and water supply will likely remain a dominant hurdle to development in California.

Other issues that need to be on your land use radar screen includes large-scale habitat and conservation planning projects; species and wetlands protection; coastal development challenges; medical marijuana sales and cultivation; and the controversial practice of “ballot box” end runs around traditional land use regulation and compliance.

MCLE credit is available.

BB&K Speakers:

Shawn Hagerty 
“Stormwater Management and MS4 Permits — Get It Done Right the First Time”
Monday, March 9

Charity Schiller
“Life in the Country — Not Letting Climate Change Law Compliance Serve as a Barrier to Growth”
Monday, March 9
3:15 p.m.

Jeffrey V. Dunn
“Siting Medical Marijuana Dispensaries”
Monday, March 9
4:15 p.m.

Monday, March 9

Westin Hotel, Sacramento

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