Innovating Livability for Communities

BB&K Webinar Series

Communities across the country are navigating rising housing costs and declining transportation infrastructure. Failing to address such issues not only raises social considerations, but can also have legal implications and create liabilities for cities and counties. With a holistic approach focused on putting the “US” back into “hoUSing” and through an innovation-inspired lens, this Best Best & Krieger LLP webinar series will include:

  • Discussions about challenges and opportunities for aligning housing and transportation policy,
  • Evaluations of new innovative approaches to land use that consider emerging transportation technologies and
  • Summaries of legislative developments and funding opportunities for ensuring stable and productive foundations for our communities of the future.

Join BB&K attorneys Ruben Duran, Michael Maurer and Gregory Rodriguez as they share their experiences and knowledge from working with local government agencies like yours to successfully navigate Innovating Livability for Communities.

Focusing on the “US” in HoUSing: Merging Housing, Transportation, Incentives and Community
Thursday, July 11
Housing is a serious and growing issue for communities across the country. During this webinar, we will provide a high-level overview around what is being deemed an “affordability crisis” and the legal and policy issues that arise when a city may not be meeting state housing standards. This will include discussion around national pending legislation.  
Innovative Partnerships to Overcome Housing Challenges in Communities
Thursday, July 25
Funding and partnership opportunities can help communities address the housing crisis. During this webinar, we’ll discuss strategies and approaches to those opportunities. In addition, we’ll present ideas on how to closely align housing and transportation through innovation and land use. All of this will be discussed from the perspective of ensuring stable and productive foundations for our communities of the future.
Advancing the Policy Discussion Around Housing
Thursday, Aug. 8
There are communities that are implementing innovative policy around housing, including the important connection between housing and transportation. Through such examples, we will discuss emerging best practices and how new innovative models can be advanced at the national level. This will include analysis of new legislative and policy initiatives at the federal and state levels.

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