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Eminent Domain

Best Best & Krieger's premier reputation in eminent domain and inverse condemnation law is built on hard work, commitment to legal excellence and personalized attention to our client's needs and goals.

Eminent domain helps make possible our roads, our water, our sanitation and our schools. At the same time, it is a power that must be exercised with responsibility, fairness and professionalism.  BB&K’s Eminent Domain practice group is totally committed to serve that ideal.

BB&K maintains a statewide practice that covers all aspects of eminent domain and inverse condemnation counseling and litigation.  Our Eminent Domain practice group has been responsible for thousands of acquisitions throughout California for every type of public project including schools, highways, rail transit, blight removal, public housing, flood control facilities, water lines and reservoirs, parks, dams, endangered species habitats, power transmission, airports, and even courthouses.

The Eminent Domain practice group is a team of lawyers and paralegals experienced in the full gamut of issues that can arise in the complex eminent domain process – everything from “right-to-take” challenges to high stakes just compensation and inverse condemnation/regulatory taking claims.  Collectively, we have decades of experience in all forums, from city council chambers to the courtroom.  Our lawyers have been responsible for several published court decisions and changes in legislation that have helped shape the law of eminent domain in California.

The Eminent Domain practice group’s philosophy is proactive.  We work for solutions and results.  We address issues immediately, creatively and effectively all the way to project completion.  We emphasize a team approach among ourselves and with our clients.  In that endeavor, we work at every level of the process, from project planning to public hearings, from negotiation to trial and appeal. 

For additional information, please contact Mark Easter, Eminent Domain practice group leader.


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