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Business Services & School Facilities

Education Law

Best Best & Krieger attorneys provide experienced counsel and representation in all matters concerning business services and school facilities, including:

  • Business services and facilities planning
    • Public contracts – construction contracts, contract specifications, construction management contracts, purchasing contracts, and architect and other professional services/vendor services agreements
    • Environmental compliance – CEQA, DTSC and stormwater permitting
    • Coordination with the California Department of Education, State Allocation Board, the Office of Public School Construction, and the Division of the State Architect
    • Procurement – public bidding, advertising and purchasing
    • Alternate delivery methods – construction management, multiple prime and at risk, design-build and lease/leaseback
  • Facilities construction support
    • Public bidding procedures, bid protests and other challenges
    • Prevailing wage issues
    • Resolution of disputes – change orders, payment requests, stop notices, prevailing wage compliance, payment and performance bond claims, and subcontractor substitution
    • Facilitation of project close-out, including contractor claims
  • Purchase of real property
    • Acquisition of real property – negotiated agreements
    • Eminent domain proceedings
  • Asset management – sale and use of school facilities and property
    • Sale of surplus property procedures, 7-11 committee
    • Naylor Act
    • Exchange of property
    • Lease and license agreements
    • Joint occupancy
    • Joint use agreements with public and private entities
    • Civic Center Act and community use policies
  • Post-Redevelopment issues

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