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Hazardous Waste

Environmental Law & Natural Resources

Best Best &Krieger's expertise in hazardous waste law is widely recognized. Our water, bankruptcy, public law, real estate, and litigation practices have provided the impetus for the development of a comprehensive hazardous waste practice over the past several decades.

Lender liability and the potential exposure of property owners triggers a complex set of procedures affecting real estate transactions. BB&K assists clients with due diligence requirements and site audits as a part of phase I, II and III studies. When hazardous waste problems emerge, our attorneys represent our clients in efforts to recover the costs of site remediation.

Where hazardous waste problems result in cleanup, cost recovery or tort litigation, we will negotiate, defend and advocate our clients' interests. Recognizing the often high cost and disruption associated with litigation, we strive to resolve lawsuits quickly, efficiently and professionally.


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