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Gift Law Land Mines for California Public Officials to Avoid

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Do You Know What Gifts To Report?

MARCH 16, 2011

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"A developer paid for my dinner and two days later. I sent him a check to pay for the dinner. Do I have any reporting obligations?"

"I was invited to speak at a conference and the promoter paid for my room and lunch. Do I have to report it?"

"I won a raffle gift at the League of California Cities Conference. Am I required to report it?"

Best Best & Krieger attorneys Sonia Carvalho, Rahsaan Tilford, Parissh Knox and John Brown discussed what all public officials need to know about the slippery slope (or pitfalls) of accepting gifts. 

City Managers • City Attorneys • City Council Members
City Treasurers • CEO's •  Mayors • CAO's
Planning Commissioners • Board of Supervisors
Any public employees who manage public investments
Candidates for any offices up for election
Any SEI Form 700 filers



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