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Ronald McDonald House is Kind of Real Estate Work Attorney Enjoys

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Greg Pyke Is All Smiles When It Comes to His Pro Bono Work

JULY 13, 2009

Greg Pyke Is All Smiles When It Comes to His Pro Bono Work

San Diego Daily Transcript
July 13, 2009

    These days, Greg Pyke -- like his fellow real estate attorneys -- would like to be working on positive projects and the proverbial "win-win" transactions. 
    However, much of his time is consumed with loan modifications, lease workouts and foreclosures. 
    There is one notable, heartwarming exception. 
    The Best Best & Krieger partner is all smiles when it comes to his pro bono work with Ronald McDonald House Charities. 
    He recently lent his transactional expertise to the charity as it erected a spacious new house next to Rady Children's Hospital, helping Ronald McDonald House officials secure a $17.5 million construction loan from North Island Credit Union.

    He also negotiated the ground lease for the new house and helped amend the ground lease on the old building.

    "They did just a fabulous job designing something that really will provide some nice diversions for the families while they're trying to cope with these life-threatening issues," Pyke said. "I think everybody's going to really enjoy the facilities."                                  

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