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Wide Reach: Regional Emphasis

The West and Mexico

Best Best & Krieger participates in some of the most pressing issues facing the West: renewable energy, transportation, water, the environment, and public finance.

As California’s population continues to grow, these issues become more and more critical to the entire region, whether they involve gridlock on the highways or water sources running dry. 

Our attorneys regularly chair authoritative water law conferences that address threats and possible solutions to the region's water supply sustainability. Eric Garner, the firm's managing partner and a noted California water law expert, is the current chair of the International Bar Association's Water Law Committee. He applies global ideas to regional and local solutions.

BB&K not only leads the discussion on regional issues, we help resolve them. We helped broker an historic agreement that ensured an adequate water supply for agriculture, businesses and homes while restoring flows for endangered salmon in the San Joaquin River - ending a legal dispute that had stretched over two decades. Many of the legal issues that we help solve have an impact not just on California, but on the West as well.



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